Our Story

Re-Creating Outdoor Retail

Here in a small mountain town in the Blue Ridge Mountains, adventure isn’t confined to a bucket list. We live it every day. And we live it with those who love it as much as we do. Whether it’s a trail run before work, a group ride in the late afternoon, or a big day on the river with friends, we pursue living fully in this wild, beautiful place we call home.

For us, adventure goes beyond the next big summit. It’s about creating stories that make life richer because of who we share them with, whether new friends or old. Our time off the trail in our mountain town, connecting over coffee before a hike, or with a beer after a climb is what makes this home. Because adventuring together is what matters most to us.

At the Outdoor Collective, our desire is to create a place where people are paramount, all feel welcome, and retail is a byproduct of great community.  Our mission is to RE-create brick and mortar for the outdoor industry by designing neighborhood stores that build RETAIL AROUND COMMUNITY.

And as we continually strive to be the intersection between people and the outdoors our hope would be that each purchase would have the power not just for good, but for change, in the places we love most. (see how we're making this happen)

Contact us

Fellow globetrotters, if you have any questions or just want to share your adventures with us, we want to connect with you.  And because we may be scaling the side of a mountain, please give us a 24-hour window to reach back out to you. ​


Tel: 1-828-357-8107

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