RHODO™ 8'10"/9'9"/10'6" (adjustable)

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Walking down the bank, you notice a trout hanging in the current. It's oblivious to your presence. You rig your tenkara rod, look up and realize the stream is choked with overhanging limbs. You extend the rod, but in this case you don't extend it all the way, just to the first setting under 9ft in length. You cast and catch the fish. 

The Rhodo™ was developed for situations like these; a rod that can be fished short when things get tight, or longer when the stream opens up. 

The Rhodo has two patent pending features:
Triple-zoom: this allows you to use the rod at three different lengths 8'10" / 9'9" / 10'6"= 270/297/320cm. 

Keep your Plug™ (patent pending): The Keep your plug system. Tenkara USA's rods are the only rods in the market with this feature. Next time you go fishing, remove the plug from the top end of your rod and insert it into the hole at the bottom of your rod. The Rhodo will come with two plugs on the rod; please leave one at home in case you ever need it.

Weight: 2.1 oz (59.5 g)
Closed length: 21" (53.3cm)
Open lengths: 
8'10" / 9'9" / 10'6"= 270/297/320cm*
Handle length: 9" (22.9cm)
Segments: 8

* There may be slight discrepancies in their extended length of tenkara rods*

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U.S. & foreign patents pending.

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